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    Where To Find Wooden Surfboards In Europe

    by The Fair Cottage

    In this post, we return to surfing's roots by reviewing some of the best FSC certified wooden surfboards around. With their natural tones, spectacular patterns and uniquely scattered knots wooden surfboards can be simply jaw dropping, and that's before you hop on and experience them on the waves.... Read more!

    Surf 26 Jul, 2019
  • Man holding wooden surfboard one handed in front of row of wooden surfboards

    Green Surf Brands That Manufacture In Europe

    by The Fair Cottage

    You may have noticed brands from far away lands, filling the shelves of European surf shops with imported boards and the Earth's atmosphere with Co2. But what are your options closer to home? In this post TFC introduces the top green surfboard materials and shapers from across the continent. ... Read more!

    Surf 30 Oct, 2018
  • Three surfers wearing Picture Organic naturalprene wetsuits sitting on surfboards in calm water as sun sets in background

    Five Amazing Eco Wetsuit Innovations

    by The Fair Cottage

    Neoprene, due to it being an oil derivative, is undoubtedly one of the most polluting materials in the practice of surfing. In this post, The Fair Cottage explores sustainable alternatives to traditional wetsuits, which leave a trail of pollution in the wake of their useful lives.... Read more!

    Surf 17 Oct, 2018
  • End shot of a wooden fishtail surfboard

    All You Need To Know About ECOBOARDs

    by The Fair Cottage

    It is an often discussed topic, but what really is an eco-surfboard and what are the standards it should meet in order to be considered a truly eco-friendly or sustainable surfboard? Do the eco-options out there actually respond to the performance demands of the market?... Read more!

    Surf 2 Oct, 2018

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