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  • Snowy mountain scene with a cottage, pine trees and fog.

    4 Stylish PFC Free Eco Outwear Brands

    by Rebeca Alvarado

    When it comes to winter sports, the top priority should be your outwear. In this post, written for conscious outdoor adrenaline lovers, The Fair Cottage presents you with four winter clothing brands that apart from being super stylish and technical, are also taking steps to reduce their use of PFCs.... Read more!

    Outdoor 11 Mar, 2019
  • beautiful bright white jagged mountain landscape against a clear blue sky

    The Coolest Eco-Friendly Snowboard Gear 2019

    by The Fair Cottage

    Enjoy snowboarding? Love nature? In this post The Fair Cottage reviews the top eco-friendly snowboard accessories for nurturing both passions. We only promote brands that are ethical, have values aligned with our own and help you to reduce your impact on the environment. ... Read more!

    Outdoor 4 Feb, 2019
  • snowboarder ripping up the snow into a powder spray that partially secludes the sun

    The Latest Sustainable Snowboards And Skis

    by The Fair Cottage

    Can you name any European sustainable snowboard brands? Do you know which ones make boards from bamboo or biological resin? If not, fear not! Our job at the Fair Cottage is to be a hub of information, letting you know about alternative products that are kind to nature, of which we are all a part.... Read more!

    Outdoor 17 Jan, 2019
  • carabiner clipped onto cliff mounted hook against a green grassy background

    Get To Grips With Eco-Friendly Climbing Gear

    by The Fair Cottage

    Rock climbing, when compared to other outdoor activities, has far fewer options when it comes to sustainable gear. This is despite the sport being well rooted in nature, the playground on which it relies. In this post, TFC shows you the the ropes in terms of what's out there and where to find it.... Read more!

    Outdoor 11 Dec, 2018
  • A bearded man and a pretty woman wearing Vaude outdoor gear and peeling fruit atop a mountain as sun sets in background

    TFC’s Top 3 European Sustainable Outdoor Brands

    by The Fair Cottage

    Although the clothing industry is often linked with unsustainable practices, outdoor clothing producers are known for being stubborn advocates of environmental rights. In this post, The Fair Cottage lists some of our favorite bluesign certified sustainable outdoor clothing brands from around Europe.... Read more!

    Outdoor 9 Oct, 2018
  • dutch dopper steel bottle laying in grassy sand dune next to beach bag and white canvas shoes

    The Latest Sustainable and Eco-friendly Camping Gear

    by The Fair Cottage

    For that long-awaited adventure in nature, you want to be properly equipped for your favourite activities. Choosing the right tent, sleeping bag, flashlight, utensils, stove or alternative power source are all valuable things to consider, as is a product's origin and life cycle.... Read more!

    Outdoor 4 Oct, 2018

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