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    Slow Down And Look Around - Ethical Travel Tips

    by Tino Alakari

    Slow travel is a modern movement, spun off from the slow food movement, in which the journey is considered worthier than the goal and traditional tourism is rejected. Advocates of slow travel are eschewing planes in favour of trains, ships, bicycles, donkeys, their own two feet and mindfulness.... Read more!

    Lifestyle 4 Apr, 2019
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    A Green Getaway in the Spanish Pyrenees

    by Alvaro Cabezas

    The Fair Cottage proudly hosts Land & Leute Reisen, a Berlin-based travel platform that promotes local providers of sustainable tourism in rural areas of Spain and Morocco. In this post Alvaro walks us through the Pyrenees experience, reviewing a journey of intricate history and breathtaking sights.... Read more!

    Lifestyle 4 Mar, 2019
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    The Six Point Plan for Reducing Plastic Waste

    by Richard Catty

    Most of us wouldn’t engage in an activity that involves risk to our personal health without first making some sort of rudimentary plan. But what about the risks our daily consumption of plastic pose for the health of the environment? Don’t they deserve consideration too?... Read more!

    Lifestyle 15 Feb, 2019
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    TFC x Floating University = Plastic Clean Up

    by Richard Catty

    At TFC's recent clean up of Kreuzberg's Floating University, it took six people as many hours to rid the site of plastic waste. The difference we made was quite remarkable. It just goes to show how accustomed to plastic litter we are, when we only realise its ubiquitousness in the absence of it.... Read more!

    Lifestyle 10 Jan, 2019
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    Make the Switch to Slow Fashion

    by Richard Catty

    Perhaps the one tangible benefit of fast fashion is the savings for consumers. However, even this idea is undermined when you think how long such low quality clothing tends to last. If you’re ready to go slow, but not sure where to begin, then let my top tips guide point you in the right direction.... Read more!

    Lifestyle 6 Dec, 2018
  • A man and woman in trendy clothing covering their eyes.

    Is Fast Fashion Really So Bad? Yes, and Here is Why...

    by Richard Catty

    Is fast fashion just a buzzword? A trick to make you spend more on clothing than you can afford? Or is there more to it? In this post, The Fair Cottage explores how the way clothing is produced affects everything from workers rights, to the environment through to our own sense of value.... Read more!

    Lifestyle 23 Oct, 2018

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