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Why The Fair Cottage?

Too often we get caught up by impulse and desire, forgetting to look beyond our habits and reflect on the impact of our behaviour. Now is the time to innovate the idea of consumption. To create pathways that are conscious instead of careless, regenerative instead of destructive. At The Fair Cottage we believe our actions can be the foundation of our well-being whilst leaving a constructive mark. Platforms like ours are necessary not only for supporting people and brands who already engage in responsible and ethical commerce, but to persuade others to change their priorities when it comes to consumption, bring awareness to the repercussions of their actions and ultimately lead more sustainable lifestyles.

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    Where To Find Wooden Surfboards In Europe

    by The Fair Cottage

    In this post, we return to surfing's roots by reviewing some of the best FSC certified wooden surfboards around. With their natural tones, spectacular patterns and uniquely scattered knots wooden surfboards can be simply jaw dropping, and that's before you hop on and experience them on the waves.... Read more!

    Surf 26 Jul, 2019
  • Man doing yoga pose at the end of a long, rustic wooden pier

    Most Sustainable and Guilt Free Yoga Gear 2019

    by Rebeca Alvarado

    Yoga is a tool for connecting body, mind and individuals with their environment, bringing together physical and mental discipline to help you relax. But what about the stress choosing the right gear can cause? Thankfully TFC brings you our top sustainable yoga products to help boost your prana.... Read more!

    Sustainability 8 May, 2019

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  • A bearded man and a pretty woman wearing Vaude outdoor gear and peeling fruit atop a mountain as sun sets in background

    TFC’s Top 3 European Sustainable Outdoor Brands

    by The Fair Cottage

    Although the clothing industry is often linked with unsustainable practices, outdoor clothing producers are known for being stubborn advocates of environmental rights. In this post, The Fair Cottage lists some of our favorite bluesign certified sustainable outdoor clothing brands from around Europe.... Read more!

    Outdoor 9 Oct, 2018
  • Snowy mountain scene with a cottage, pine trees and fog.

    4 Stylish PFC Free Eco Outwear Brands

    by Rebeca Alvarado

    When it comes to winter sports, the top priority should be your outwear. In this post, written for conscious outdoor adrenaline lovers, The Fair Cottage presents you with four winter clothing brands that apart from being super stylish and technical, are also taking steps to reduce their use of PFCs.... Read more!

    Outdoor 11 Mar, 2019